Nick Pratt TV – Video 1: The Beginning

Welcome to my new website, NickPratt.TV

This is my first video post so have a watch or you can read the transcription below. You can also watch this video on YouTube by clicking here and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Video Transcription

Hi guys, it’s Nick Pratt here coming to you from my office that I work out of in Nottingham city center.

I’m shooting this video really to welcome you to the first video of my TV channel,

Now here is why I decided to set up this new website, which is exclusively for my video content.

I’ve produced probably hundreds of videos over the past couple of years, and these range from lead generation videos, pure value videos, team training videos (to help them succeed) and also videos for my products and training programs.

So I want to explain the whole point of this site and me setting up which you’re on now (or, if you’re on YouTube, you can head over to it by clicking the link at the top of the description box).

The whole point of this site is to have a homepage just for my videos.

Just for the video training.

Because before this, they’ve been scattered on lots of different YouTube channels, my blog (which is mixed with written content) and other places.

So this site is pretty much 90% for videos and they’ll be a little bit of text thrown in.

It’s designed to be my new TV Channel.

Now, I want to talk about why video is so important for your business.

Whether you’re involved in network marketing, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing or whatever!

It’s all about leverage to be honest.

Because if you’re marketing online, you’re building an online business.

Or you could be doing network marketing online.

But you essentially need points of leverage.

Now when you’re promoting stuff online, or you’re promoting yourself, it helps if you connect with your audience through video.

It’s very very powerful.

A little bit like I’m talking to you now.

I’m looking directly at the camera and I’m talking to you about this kind of powerful concept.

It’s very powerful to you use video in your marketing.

And what you really want to get used to doing is producing video on a regular basis.

Now, I think it was about a year and a half ago when I was producing three videos per day (which is a hell of a lot!)

You don’t necessarily need to do that.

But what I do challenge you to do is to strive to produce video on a regular basis.

It could be one video per day or it could be one video per week.

But the point is the more video you have out there, the more points of leverage you’ve got.

Because you can have people watching your video at any point in the future and it’s an instant rapport builder.

It’s you telling your story.

And this video will probably will be watched many times as well.

So, video is very very powerful.

And my goal is (now that I’ve got is to have one home base for all the videos.

Not necessarily all the videos in the past, but all the videos in the future.

So I’m really stepping into the future with this.

So, this is quite a short video guys but I just want to welcome you to the channel.

Hopefully subscribe on YouTube and hopefully there should be some kind of opt-in to get all of the future videos and things like that.

But just to finish this video, I want to challenge you to think about how you can produce your own videos over time.

Think about what kind of content you’d like to share with the world.

Because the point is if you do that, it can be watched by hundreds and even tens of thousands of people in the future and it can really help grow your business as it’s done with me.

And I’m hoping to kick that up a notch by having a new home for lots of my value-based videos,

I’m going to be teaching lots of stuff.

So welcome aboard to the channel guys.

I’m very excited about it.

I look forward to providing lots of value for you and I challenge you do the same.

So this is Nick Pratt signing out and I’ll talk to you soon. 🙂

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