Nick Pratt TV – Video 3: How Long Should It Take To Get Results With My Home Business

In today’s video post, I answer an important question.

A lot of people ask me: “How long should it take to get results with my home business?”

Great question and I answer in this video.

Oh yeah, and here is a link to the training I mentioned in the video as well.

home-business-network-marketing-post-image-1You can also watch my video on YouTube here (if you prefer).

Check out the video and enjoy.

Video Transcription

In this episode, I’m going to talk about how long should you expect to get results within an internet marketing or network marketing program.

This is a question that I get a lot, which is how soon should you expect results. People ask me this all the time, they say things like “Nick, can I get results in a few weeks, a few months?” I think it’s important, and that’s why I am doing a video about it.

The answer I always give, and it’s maybe not the answer people necessarily want, the answer I give is “it depends.”

It depends on a lot of factors, because you get some people who get started with an internet marketing or network marketing or kind of a hybrid of both, and it seems like their business blows up within a few months, and you get some people who, after a year or even two, they haven’t made their first sale yet.

Now, I suppose one way of answering this is what did I do and how did I get results.

To be honest, I was probably somewhere in between, and I think more people are in between. I made my sales within the first few months, when I first got started online, but it wasn’t like a six-figure business in those first few months.

It’s kind of a hybrid of the two.

You may ask yourself what does it depend on? It depends on a number of things. It depends on the action that you take, it depends on circumstances, and it depends on the program that you’re going through and how good the support is.

The thing is you can have the best support program in the world with lots of fantastic support, but essentially your results come down to you, it’s down to you taking action. It’s a bit like if you’ve got a fantastic workout program, you still have to show up every day and do it.

Home Business Network MarketingWhat I would advise you to do is not to look for quick results, because generally in life if you do that you’re putting more pressure on the situation, and you’re putting a lot of responsibility on it.

Instead, think to yourself that you’re going to do this until you get results.

You’re going to say “I’m going to give this a go for three months and if it hasn’t happened then I’m just going to give up,” because what you’re doing is you’re giving up before you get to the gold.

I mentioned one of the factors is having a great support structure. This absolutely helps.

The 21 step program I promote, it is the most step by step thing I have encountered, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever encountered because they get that step by step going through with a coach.

Can I say that absolutely guarantees results? Absolutely not. The student still needs to show up, have the phone appointments with the coach, and the rest of it.

What it does do, for the action takers, is your results are a lot more likely to happen because you’ve got that support. If you didn’t have the support and you were taking action, you might not know what steps to take next. You can check out the link in the comments to check out that 21 step program that I promote.

Rest assured, that is the most newbie friendly thing I’ve found.

Just to finish up, in terms of how long you should expect to get results, it could be as little as three months, or as much as a year or two. It’s really down to your own action.

If you’ve got a good support structure, you’ve got a good program, and you take action, then you can expect to get results as fast as you do those things.

You’ve got to be confident, but you’ve also got to accept that if you don’t get results right away you just have to tweak things and move on.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys, leave me a comment, like the video, and I’ll talk to you on the next one. Thanks!

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