Nick Pratt TV – Video 4 – What Sort Of Emails Should I Send To My List?

In today’s video, I give some Email Marketing tips and explain the kind of emails you should be sending to your email list to develop the know, like and trust.

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Video Transcription

And in this episode, I’m going to talk about what kind of emails should you send to your mailing list and how you should tackle email marketing.

This is something I get asked about a lot because a lot of people in the industry (whether it’s network marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever) generally know that the money is in the list.

It is absolutely true as long as you have a relationship with that list. I’m going to explain a little bit about this.

Building a list is essentially getting people to give their email address on a page and then they become a lead and part of your email list.

What exactly should you send them?

And how should you approach email marketing?

First, I’m going to give four specific points and then I’m going to give five specific templates you can use.

So first of all, here are the 4 different points to remember.

1. Variety – Number one is variety.

So there’s different types of emails that you can write.

There’s really long emails, there’s short emails (with a direct call to action), there’s sales emails, and there’s emails where it’s you giving free training and stuff like that.

Or even emails where you are directly asking your mailing list what they need help with.

Now, what I’m going to suggest to you is to keep things varied and interesting.

Spice it up a bit.

So have one email that is giving free training and have another email that is directly asking people for their response.

Have another email that is really short like a call to action and this is sometimes known as a “classified” style email.

You can have them every now and then.

But the number one thing that you should have is a blend of 80% value and 20% selling.

Or, when you are providing value, have a “soft sell” to whatever it is you’re promoting.

But the point is: you need to offer value first.

You need to give to get.

So, that’s the first point which is variety.

2. Email Every Day (or 5 Times per week)

Now, the second point is to email every day.

Now, there’s a lot of people who may email once a week or once every two weeks.

But, if you’re in a very competitive niche like network marketing, internet marketing or affiliate marketing, you really need to be emailing every day or at least five times a week.

And five times a week is pretty good actually because it is quite often.

But emailing your list every day is a “good standard” because it’s very consistent and you can stick to it over time.

Now, why do you need to email ever day?

Basically, it’s because: if you don’t email every day (or often) people will forget who you are.

Because they’re on so many different marketers lists (typically), they’ll just forget about you or they’ll click the spam button.

And you don’t want that.

You don’t want complaints about your emails.

So the point is: you just need to be consistent.

So, if you’ve decided to email 5 times a week, make sure to email 5 times a week.

I can hear people saying “well, you know, you’re sending people too many emails” but to be honest, people don’t care.

Or I should say, “your target market won’t care because they’re the right fit for your message”.

3. Be Entertaining

So, the third point is be entertaining.

So, just be interesting and have a personality in your emails.

That’s very important to do.

You don’t just want be one of these generic people who have boring emails.

Have interesting emails where you’re telling interesting flamboyant stories.

And if you want an example of that, just look at some of the emails that I send.

I send some some quite interesting ones.

4. Use Different Call To Actions

The fourth point is use a variety of “call to actions”.

So, don’t just have every call to action go through to a sales page.

Have some asking your audience to reach out on Facebook, some going to a sales page and some asking them for feedback.

You could have some of your emails simply asking for them to watch a video.

For example, you may be watching this now because I’ve sent an email to you and asked you to go and watch this video.

That is an example of a different “call to action” not just selling stuff all the time.

5 Email Types You Can Use

I’m going to go through five different types for you to write down.

1. Send People To A Blog Post – Send an email saying “I have written this blog post for you” and include your content.

This method shows you have plenty of value.

2. Send People To A Video Post

Basically, this is the the same as the blog post type but you’re saying “Go and have a look at this video”.

That is easy to do and a great way of providing value.

3. Tell a Story

Tell a story about what’s happened with your day.

Another option is to link this story into some kind of business lesson or marketing lesson.

And you can include a “call to action” as well.

So, that’s a really powerful one!

4. Ask People What They Need Help With

This is a really powerful one.

You can send an email out and say “Listen, I’d love to find out what you need help with and what you’re struggling with. Reply to this email and hopefully I can help you.”

This is really powerful because your getting interaction with people and building a relationship.

5. Send People To A Survey

And finally, just to finish it off, send people to a survey.

So, this is like asking for people’s opinion but you’re doing it in more of a anonymous way.

So, those are some really good tips guys and I hope you got plenty of value from that.

Let me know what you think or leave a comment.

See you in the next episode!

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