Episode 24 – Why Overwhelm Is The Main Cause Of Failure?

I see that overwhelm is the main reason newbies struggle in this industry. Watch this video where I explain the problem and what you can do about it.

Struggling with overwhelm? Then this should help.

overwhelmThat’s the topic of today’s video.

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Video Transcription

In this episode I’m going to talk about the one huge thing that can stop you from succeeding in this industry, which is overwhelm.

I’m really doing this video as a result of what I have been seeing lately from new people starting in my team, or new people starting in other teams and within my business opportunity.

What I am seeing is that a lot of people are struggling with overwhelm and I’ve been seeing this for a long time. I really want to steer you away from this, because it can be so damaging when you’re starting with network marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, any of those things.

Overwhelm-Impage-Post-2I’ll explain a bit about where it comes from. People get started online, or they get started with network marketing, and then they think to themselves “I’m going to start doing something like Facebook.” That will be going well for a week or two, but we as human beings tend to crave instant gratification. You’ll hear from one of your friends or someone else, and they say they’re getting fantastic results with YouTube.

You’ve started to pick up a bit of momentum with Facebook, but then you’re off towards YouTube and you’re learning a whole new set of skills. And before you know it, your time, which is at a premium anyway, it’s at even more of a premium, because you’re split between two different skills.

And then you’ll hear all this buzz about something like Parascope, which is just the latest buzz. It’s a brand new tool, its like twitter on video. And then you’re running off towards Parascope, and you’re buying courses, and now you’ve got three things, and your time is now being split between three different marketing strategies, and by the way, those strategies themselves are pretty demanding anyway. If you were just going for one, it would still take about 90 days to get results.

So this is what people are doing. They’re switching strategies every couple of weeks, they get distracted because everyone is shouting about their results on social media. The reason they are shouting about their results is that gets them more leads. Other people are listening to that, and then switching their marketing strategy.

Before you know it, you’re basically a mile wide and an inch deep into dozens of marketing strategies, each one not getting you anywhere.

This is overwhelm, and this is the number one mistake people are struggling with. They’re switching strategies every few weeks or even every few months, really you should aim to get good at one strategy. With that you should get 30-40 leads per day, and then you should try to scale that up. Then, after that you should be adding strategies, one more on to your tool belt. Probably by finding a way to outsource the strategy you became good at. You’re getting more strategies under your belt, but you should definitely not be starting one, and then after a couple of week, switching to another one because it looks faster.

Hopefully you’re beginning to understand how overwhelm can bring down your business. Pick one strategy that resonates with you and stick with it until you get results.

People just hop around from different strategies to another, never really getting anywhere.

I’ve personally never done it like that, I’ve always focused on one. I started with Blogging and SEO, then I switched to YouTube after quite a long time, so I’ve always got this.

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